University adopts a full Qualtrics license

After trialling Qualtrics for a year in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, there was enough interest outside of Psychology as well to bring in a university-wide license.  This is immediate good news for users in Management, Medicine, and Human Geography who are already using Qualtrics and can now get the benefits of an unlimited license.  It also opens up many possibilities for users in other schools to take advantage of the extensive features that Qualtrics provides.

For a list of some useful features  that led to the adoption by Psychology and Neuroscience last year see the previous post: Why was Qualtrics adopted in Psychology and Neuroscience?

As the new license is rolled out, we will be working with various research groups to find the best ways to use this new resource. Shortly we hope to see Qualtrics working with the university’s single-sign-on (SSO) facility so you won’t need a separate Qualtrics account name to use it.