New Insights Platform coming

Qualtrics is introducing some substantial changes to the look and feel of the main qualtrics workspace.  The Research Suite platform is being replaced by the new Insights platform. During the transition users will be able to switch between the views to try the new system. Many of the changes aim to make some features easier … Read more

Users grow to over 400

Qualtrics has been in place for 2 years, first in Psychology and Neuroscience and now across the university.  Usage grew slowly for the first year or so but has increased dramatically in the last few months as can be seen in the graphs. Over 10,000 survey responses were collected in March and April this year. The number of new … Read more

How to randomly distribute to multiple surveys

There are a number of times when as part of a study you want to allocate participants to different conditions.  The traditional way to do this is to creating multiple independent surveys and then use a common initial page to create a random number and then send the participants on to one of the surveys behind the … Read more

Qualtrics and local ethics

At St Andrews the ethics committee UTREC (University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee) recommends the use of qualtrics for online surveys. They also acknowledge the fact that the longer information sheets and consent forms used in face-to-face research are often not appropriate in an online context. To accommodate that, UTREC discuss the key ethical issues that … Read more

Using Time in Qualtrics Studies

Qualtrics enables us to make use of time information in many different ways There are many ways in which time is an important factor in running research studies.  Qualtrics enables us to make use of time information in many different ways, and this post outlines some of the uses of time information what you might … Read more

University license transition completed

The merger of the Psychology and Neuroscience license into the full University license is now completed.  There were some unexpected problems to solve in fully integrating Qualtrics into the university’s single sign-on (SSO) mechanism, but that is now resolved. This now offers a much more flexible service for the whole university community.  All users who … Read more

Simple use of title bar in St Andrews header

The new St Andrews brand header incorporates a blue banner bar under the logo that can be used flexibly as a title bar.  Text can appear here in white (by default) against the blue background. This can be used in a lot f ways but in this post we will just introduce the idea of … Read more

Transition arrangements

We are merging the original Qualtrics account held by Psychology and Neuroscience with the new University-wide account.  This will mean that Psychology users will be brought across to the new St Andrews account, and that all users will created and managed via the university’s single sign-on (SSO) process. We believe that the transition should be … Read more

University adopts a full Qualtrics license

After trialling Qualtrics for a year in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, there was enough interest outside of Psychology as well to bring in a university-wide license.  This is immediate good news for users in Management, Medicine, and Human Geography who are already using Qualtrics and can now get the benefits of an unlimited … Read more

Multiple conditions in one Questionnaire

If creating an online study with multiple conditions, it is common to see people creating a different survey for each condition.  This can be quite inefficient due to jumping between conditions, and keeping common aspects of the questionnaire consistent across conditions.  Qualtrics has many powerful features for controlling multiple conditions in a survey study and … Read more