University license transition completed

The merger of the Psychology and Neuroscience license into the full University license is now completed.  There were some unexpected problems to solve in fully integrating Qualtrics into the university’s single sign-on (SSO) mechanism, but that is now resolved.

This now offers a much more flexible service for the whole university community.  All users who can log in to the SSO system now have access to the Qualtrics software. To access Qualtrics, simply access the  URL:

  • When you first access this link and sign-on, you will be asked to confirm that it is a new account.
  • Once you have a new account set up, every time you access this same URL you will be taken to your account home page.
  • If the system times-out then the next time you access that page (within a session) you will be automatically logged back in.

At present, the schools that have been regular users of Qualtrics are set up with separate domains for administrative convenience and other users are kept in the global university area (though this is not seen by users it makes a difference for administration).  To assist us to keep track of user accounts as the usage grows we will ask you to use “upgrade codes” from time to time to allocate your accounts to the right categories.  By default new users have a restricted set of capabilities, but these can be upgraded using the right upgrade codes.  More information will be available about that shortly.