Simple use of title bar in St Andrews header

The new St Andrews brand header incorporates a blue banner bar under the logo that can be used flexibly as a title bar.  Text can appear here in white (by default) against the blue background. This can be used in a lot f ways but in this post we will just introduce the idea of using if either for a survey title or for a project or institutional title (like the name of a school).

How to access the header configuration

First you must go to an existing survey and edit the survey. Clicking on the survey title in your list will take you to the edit tab. From the options on the edit tab you should choose “Look and Feel”.

StAndrews Brand menu look and feel

In the resulting dialog box, choose the “advanced” option, and then you can enter the text of a survey title into the header box. By default any plain text here will appear in white in the blue bar below the St Andrews crest. This is a very simple way to add a visual survey title which will appear on every page as part of the header.

Header Survey title dialog

 A right-justified organisational unit name

As a simple alternative, imagine you wanted to use the banner to put the survey into the context of an organisational unit. In this example, we use the “School of Medicine”.  Header School of Med dialogOf course this could be left justified in the banner in the same way as we saw for the survey title, but sometimes organisational unit names are right justified in the banner.  Perhaps we also want to increase the size…

Using the same “Advanced” option in the “Look and Feel” dialog, we can enter our text (“School of Medicine”) but this time if we click on the “edit” option we can use HTML formatting options to change how this appears. Using the visual editor we can click on the right-justify button and see how the title moves to the right.  This will also be reflected in the title bar. We can also increase the font-size using the “Size” drop-down menu.

Header School of Med small

Header School of Med large


With the visual editor you can explore a number of possible ways of adding elements to this header bar. Here we have explored two simple options: A left justified survey title, and a right-justified and enlarged unit name.  In a future post we will explore some of the more complex ways of making use of the handy title-bar.