Transition arrangements

We are merging the original Qualtrics account held by Psychology and Neuroscience with the new University-wide account. ¬†This will mean that Psychology users will be brought across to the new St Andrews account, and that all users will created and managed via the university’s single sign-on (SSO) process.

We believe that the transition should be smooth for most users.  According to Qualtrics user support, survey links will still work the same and all existing surveys and data will appear the same from the users perspective.

The main difference that most users will notice will be the change in sign-on procedure and that the login screen and dashboard will have a St Andrews logo instead of a Psychology and Neuroscience logo.

The other main difference than existing users will notice is that the default survey header will now be a St Andrews header with a St Andrews blue theme rather than the Psychology and Neuroscience theme. The old theme is still available for Psychology users.

Once everyone is transferred to the common system, there will be a lot more flexibility of use across different schools and separate posts will show how to make use of the options available to localise the look of your surveys.